We Do Good Disco Presents Possessed

This Halloween will be your chance to watch a spooky double bill of horror films at Catford’s newest cinema, Catford Mews, and afterwards (if you are brave enough) to dance up to the witching hour! You can choose if you want to watch one film, two films, just come for the party or do the all-inclusive and do everything! Your devilish hosts for the evening are the wickedly wonderful We Do Good Scary Disco – they will be providing all the fun and of course all the films and music for the party!

The evening starts at 7pm with a pre-party grooming session in the bar, with our pop up hair and make up salon.


Then at 7.30 pm we’re showing In Fabric, a British horror from 2019 that tells the original story of a deadly haunted dress. Directed by Peter Strickland, this is a macabre, strange and darkly humorous film, which is definitely best watched at Halloween and definitely not in a shopping centre!.

At 9pm we have a party break for music and drinks and to play Name That (Spooky) Tune Quiz, or get your ghoulish hair crimped at the Halloween Hair and Make Up Salon.

At 10.15pm we are back in the cinema to watch our second film: Christine, the classic 1983 cult horror based on Stephen King’s novel, directed by the master of scary movies John Carpenter, and starring a truly demented, possessed killer car. If you haven’t seen it before, now really is the time. We suggest getting a bus and not a taxi home after this film!

After all that, it has to be time for a dance. We will get all the darkest tunes out from Psycho Killer to Ghostbusters, so you can get your freak on and party till 1am!

It goes without saying that you must do some scary dressing up (of course, it’s Halloween)

Ticket prices are £5 / film and free entry for our Disco!


We do hope you want to come to everything! See you spooky Catford cats on the 26th!


Available Shows

7:00 pm

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