Now What

Now What is an exciting new film night giving shorts a second shot.

With the fast-paced consumption of modern day cinema, short films risk slipping through the cracks. As filmmakers move on to their next project and audiences set their sights on new releases, the singular, poetic and often quieter voices of short-form work can be drowned out in the noise. Furthermore, the audience for shorts is often smaller, usually festival focused and that means that the wider public never get a chance to see them at all.

That’s why Now What invites you to take a step back from the crowd with a programme of the
cutting edge, the hand made and the inspiring work from a new wave of filmmakers. Whether it’s newly crowned festival favourites or DIY gems, Now What provides an accessible, friendly and versatile platform for filmmakers – and lovers – to share, explore and reassess short films together.

Reflecting the innovations of its debut venue, this eclectic programme focuses on the local, international and personal themes of identity


Tickets: £6

Available Shows

6:30 pm


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