Find Your Muse: Moonlight

Running time 108 minutes

BBFC rating 15

Ratings Info strong language, sex, sex references, drugs misuse

Director Barry Jenkins

Cast includes Trevante Rhodes, André Holland, Janelle Monáe, Ashton Sanders, Jharrel Jerome, Naomi Harris, Mahershala Ali, Alex Hibbert, Jaden Piner

A timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami. A tremendous debut by Berry Jenkins the film went on to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

This February we’ll be offering something for everyone with a series of Valentines-adjacent screenings and events. Whether you’d like to revisit a romantic classic, or get a sneak peak of the best of what 2020 has to offer, find your Muse this valentines. xoxo

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5:00 pm

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