Beauty and The Beast

Running time 88 minutes

BBFC Rating U

Ratings Info Contains mild violence and threat

Director(s) Kirk Wise,Gary Trousdale

Cast includes Paige O’Hara (voice), Robby Benson (voice), Richard White (voice), Jerry Orbach (voice), David Ogden Stiers (voice), Angela Lansbury (voice), Bradley Pierce (voice), Rex Everhart (voice), Jesse Corti (voice)

An enchantress disguised as a beggar arrives at a French castle and offers a cruel and selfish prince a rose in return for shelter. When he refuses, she reveals her identity. To punish the prince for his lack of compassion, the enchantress metamorphoses him into a beast and his servants into household objects. She casts a spell on the rose and warns the prince that the spell will only be broken if he learns to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls in his 21st year, or else he will remain a beast forever.

Ten years later, in a nearby village, a beautiful, book-loving woman named Belle dreams of adventure and brushes off advances from Gaston, a handsome, narcissistic, conceited hunter, and his bumbling sidekick Lefou. On his way to a fair and lost in the forest, Belle’s father Maurice seeks refuge in the Beast’s castle, but the Beast imprisons him for trespassing. When Maurice’s horse returns without him, Belle ventures out in search for him

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