Events & Hires

Screen Hires

All of our screens are available to hire, whether you’re hosting a cast and crew screening or want to throw one of the best cinema themed parties. We offer various tech services depending on your requirements. We’re also able to DCP your film for you if you don’t have a file ready for cinema screenings. The rates depend on time, date and size of screen. We offer discounts to registered charities. Please note all hires after midday have to be a minimum of two hours long, and we require confirmation at least two weeks in advance. Please note if you’re looking to host a public screening you can get in touch with a proposal and we’ll see if it’s something we can work with you on. We’re always open to suggestions and collaborations on exciting events.


If you need an alternative and more flexible space we can reserve table for you and your entourage.. Just get in touch with the date, how many people you’re expecting, name and from what time.

Putting on an event

Are you a DJ, organiser, band, film maker or artist of any other kind and would like to put on a private or public event here please get in touch with any preferred dates, tech requirements, how many people you’ll be expecting and we’ll get back to you with your availability and specs.

School Hires

The importance of having access to the arts starts from an early age. We believe in making cinema as accessible as possible, one way of doing that is to offer cinema experiences for school age children which can be achieved by offering programmes and films which go hand with the curriculum and as a way to complement the subjects being taught. We have an exciting selection of films to choose from but if you as a school/teacher/youth leader have any requirements please do get in touch. We’re also happy to offer intros to the films if you feel that it would be beneficial to your class.

School screenings are available Monday – Friday before midday and we will work with you and your school on providing an educational experience.

Please get in touch on for any event or hire enquiries.


We'll keep you posted on our film programme, new releases, events and more.

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