Patty Man – Ready For The Journey

Tell us about your food and how you got into becoming a food vendor:

We got into food vending / trading because we didn’t like what was on offer with regards to patties. We felt that they were often full of mush, making it difficult to identify the ingredients and the options were boring. In our households the patty is a family favourite, we wanted to create something we love and enjoy eating. It allows us to be both bold and creative, we hope the passion shows in our products.

What’s your favourite place in Catford?

Manny – my favourite place in Catford would be the Broadway theatre. This is my earliest memory of Catford, I have a Christmas birthday and I have happy memories of attending nativity plays each year. I’ve also been lucky enough to preform on the stage, it gives me a warm feeling and I love it.

Ashley – my favourite place in Catford would have to be the large Cat. In my early years me and my mum would walk under the cat to and from my nursery in Rushey Green I would cry thinking the cat was going to scoop me up every time we passed under. Torture!!! Now as an adult I laugh as it brings back those memories

What was the first movie you ever saw?

Manny – The first movie I ever watched at the cinema was Jurassic Park. It was epic

Ashley – my first movie was Honey I Shrunk The Kids. What an adventure

What’s your favourite food themed film?

Manny – my favourite food themed movie would have to be ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’… this was one of my son’s favourite moves and we spent a lot of time watching it. It’s imaginative and we loved the message behind the movie.

Ashley – I would have to go with Soul Food… this film is about a family through rivalry, trials and tribulations they try their best to maintain the longstanding tradition of family Sunday dinners together.

Who or what from your past most inspired your cuisine?

Our food is inspired by both our backgrounds and heritage, that being west African and Caribbean. We also draw most of our inspiration from our urban environment, we are both south Londoners through and through.

Who has been your biggest supporter with your venture?

Biggest supporters have been our families, we really do appreciate all the love and support over the past year and a half. They have been our rocks and continue to motivate us to go onto do great things.

Which item on your menu do you recommend?

Manny – for me it would have to be our cabbage & salt fish patty with our drizzled hot sauce. If you have a sweet tooth I’d recommend our apple rum, raisin sweet one patty with the strawberry drip.

Ashley – I would definitely recommend our Chickpea Curry Patty with chunky chips, sprinkled with seasoned salt and topped with hot sauce…. Yum

What has been the hardest thing with running your business?

For us the hardest thing with running a business is managing time, there is never enough hours in the day. We are both very ambitious so we try and work hard to achieve our goals. We find that being consistent and having good processes in place is vital as well as building a good team.

What has been the most rewarding?

Most rewarding thing so far, is reaching our first birthday and trading at our first festival. We’ve learnt a lot and look forward to the adventures ahead.

What does Catford Mews mean to you?

Catford Mews for us is the next big step. We are really excited and feel it is the perfect fit for our brand and us. Preston & Chris have been great and have helped us along the way. We know it will be hard work but we’re focused and ready for the journey.


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