Now What Presents: Unclasped by Aella Jordan-Edge

Second in our lockdown showcase is Aella Jordan-Edge’s award-winning short Unclasped, a deceptively complex study of mother-daughter relationships and female sexuality. 

UNCLASPED Short Film by Aella Jordan-Edge from Aella Jordan-Edge on Vimeo.

A mother and daughter go bra shopping but when the mum refuses to buy her daughter a sexy bra, conflict ensues. As they struggle with their own personal transitions, the bra becomes a catalyst for rupture and change in their relationship.

Unclasped’s simple conflict triggers a series of vignettes and fluid montages that bloom into a candid exploration of age, desire and female relationships. The contradictions, contrasts and frustrations of both young and mature womanhood are all bolstered by carefully considered snippets of dialogue, interactions with friends and lovers. These short, sometimes curt exchanges exemplify the mantra that “less is more” and whilst straightforward, they bristle with subtext. 

The spine of Unclasped is Cashino’s pulsating soundtrack, connecting the mother and daughter during their moments of separation through melancholic, echoing synths. The score underpins and elevates the mother and daughter’s link as they laugh, dance and find pleasure in their separate universes, presenting the bond between them as one that’s transcendent. DOP Oliver Ford especially celebrates this bond in the opening shots; every detail of the Mother and Daughter’s faces highlights the intimate frustrations and conflicts of self-perception both share when alone in front of a mirror.

Through all this, Unclasped deftly and artfully outlines the path between female teen and adulthood. Aella Jordan-Edge’s short film reflects on the regrets, worries and yearnings of women, and how they refract through the generations.

Unclasped premiered at the London Independent Film Festival 2019 and won an Award of Excellence at Global Shorts, an Award of Merit for Women Filmmakers at Best Shorts and an Award of Merit at One Reeler Short Film Festival.

Aella Jordan-Edge is an award-winning narrative director based in London who makes films about human relationships. Her passion for storytelling is informed by her background in theatre, a degree in literature and her experience in production. With a sensitive eye, Aella uses metaphors and symbolism to explore emotions and the world around her.



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