Now What Present Good Luck Marc

The second short in our Now What online showcase is Good Luck Marc by Ronen Eldar.

Good Luck Marc is a fantastical story about a man living in a space that slowly rejects him and his attempt to stay no matter what.

Though it was first released in 2017, we thought that Ronen Eldar’s charming and offbeat short had a surprising resonance in these disorientating, increasingly claustrophobic times.

The less said about Good Luck Marc, the better, but the simple and effective use of voiceover and an inquisitive performance from Benjamin Adams help create a deceptively cerebral short that will linger in the memory. With dashes of sometimes ominous surrealism, Good Luck Marc’s heart actually lies in its gentle humour and optimistically human story.

Ronen is a London based writer and filmmaker, with a mixed background that makes it difficult to call anywhere truly home. In part, this diversity and dissonance has shaped him and his work. With an interest in both fiction and documentary, he is inspired by candid and raw moments as well as the twilight between thoughts and dreams.

Watch the film here: 





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