Now What Presents: Eddie’s Last Stand

Opening our second lockdown showcase series is Eddie’s Last Stand by Lucia Tambini,
an intimate, touching documentary about a Catford community’s fight for their home.


Eddies last stand from lucia tambini on Vimeo.

Eddie O’Mahony wants to stay put. The 90-year-old has lived in his prefab since 1946 but now
Lewisham council want to pull down his beloved home.

After a year of intermittent lockdowns, we’ve all had to reassess what our homes mean to us.
For Eddie, the charismatic focus of this 2010 documentary, his home holds 75 years of memory.
Lucia Tambini simply but powerfully captures community spirit, anger and a pastoral calm that’s
all too rare to city-dwellers.

In under ten minutes, Lucia Tambini snapshots the past, present and future of a unique
community that in 2020, is in the midst of major redevelopment. This loving portrait is a perfect
example of grassroots documentary-making, trailing Eddie through his “little oasis in the middle
of London” towards the grey halls of bureaucratic power.

Eddie remains emblematic of a once tight-knit community and now a decade old, his last stand
acts as a reminder of a moment where Lewisham residents faced an uncertain future and rose
to meet it with pride and passion.

Lucia Tambini is an award-winning filmmaker with a background in Television. She worked as
director, producer and cinematographer for over 15 years. She’s made both documentaries
story led and current affairs for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Including Bafta-winning ‘Bedlam’
and Grierson nominated ‘Kids with Tourettes’. She started her career at ITN, filming and editing
for ITV and Channel 4 news. She is a graduate of the National Film school. She has a
production company that makes films for charities both here and abroad including, Oxfam,
Tourettes Action, SeeAbility and Walk the Walk. She is committed to strong visual authentic
storytelling. Her own films have screened on the festival circuit and have won several awards
including, best doc, best film and audience awards. She is a judge for the Royal Television
Society awards and a long time Lewisham resident.

You can find out more about the history of the Excalibur Estate here.


Twitter: @ciatam


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