Now What Present When Life Gives You Lemons

Our fifth showcase presents a gently funny and achingly poignant no-budget short written and directed by Catford local Kyriakos Georgiou. When Life Gives You Lemons was made entirely by Kyriakos and his family during lockdown, as a direct response to the current COVID pandemic. 

Set six months into lockdown after the outbreak of coronavirus, we follow the story of Jay, a key worker, who gives us an insight into how things for him have not changed. The entire film was shot during the quarantine.

When Life Gives You Lemons embraces its budgetary, location and lockdown imposed limitations to powerful effect, providing a dystopian, sometimes Gilliamesque projection of what life could be like six months into the COVID pandemic, all anchored by a subtly political and deeply human character study. The four-minute film’s contradiction of visuals and voiceover implies a far deeper emotional toll on the banality burdened key worker Jay six months into lockdown, playfully performed by Georgious himself. Full of surprising twists and ingenuity inspired by too many housebound weeks, When Life Gives You Lemons manages to tap into the current mood of anxiety, delusion and heartbreaking loneliness with a simple mix of dolls houses, dogs and of course, lemons. 

Kyriakos Georgiou is a professional actor, writer and director. With over nine years of experience in the industry, Kyri has a good understanding of filmmaking and storytelling. In 2012 he won the BBC Best Entertainment award at Hertfordshire Visions festival for his performance in a TV pilot ‘Doin’ the Rounds’. Kyri is passionate about capturing life and sharing his vision.

Some words about the filmmaking process from Kyriakos Georgious: 

“The full title of the film is in reference to the unusual public reaction of stockpiling toilet paper when the outbreak of Covid-19 began across many countries around the world. Producing, directing and performing in a film all by yourself is extremely difficult at the best of times, but doing this without leaving the house was even harder. Luckily my camera has a bluetooth feature which allowed me to control the camera settings and press record remotely using my phone. My fiancee who manages a beauty salon also helped me with the trickier shots.”

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