Now What Present Prospect

Our sixth Now What Online showcase sees haunting short film Prospect, by South East London local’s James Bone and James Lacy enter the ring. 

Talented amateur boxer Daniel struggles to pursue his passion for boxing alongside caring for his disabled mother.

Packing a powerful punch, Prospect takes the rags to riches arc of the age-old boxing narrative and twists it into a kitchen sink inflected story that’s both intimate and tragically universal. With its local Croydon setting, the focus falls more on the daily life and routine of the determined boxer yet loyal carer Danny, than it does on the catharsis and glory of the game. This doesn’t mean that the boxing scenes don’t hold up, the mix of kinetic editing by Fahd Hashmey and visceral sound design by Hosea Ntaborwa inject enough tension to satisfy even the most veteran of the sport’s fans.

With a lean run time of just eight minutes, Prospect is efficient in its visual storytelling but leaves enough room for its characters to breathe, the relationships between whom are implied through simple, keenly observed moments of comfort, joy and anger, all knitted together by the calm assertiveness of lead actor Emanuel Gue. This is especially important in building to the closing moments of the film, in which the tensions and pressures of the boxing ring spill over into a shattering act of real-world violence. 

Prospect was co-written and directed by friends and writing partners James Lacy and James Bone. James and James first met performing stand-up comedy, and quickly realised they both shared a passion for kitchen-sink dramas and human interest stories. Having both grown up in London, both from similar backgrounds and experiences, they are motivated to give voices to stories rarely given a platform in film and television. They are currently developing a 6-part series set on a council estate, which focuses on the lives of different individuals each episode.


Prospect from Final Bell Productions on Vimeo.




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