Fuse – introducing Japanese everyday food

Tell us about your food and how you got into becoming a food vendor.

I always wanted to introduce Japanese ‘everyday’ food to locals other than Sushi.

Kara-agé is a type of Japanese fried food and widely available everywhere in Japan.

Chicken is the most common one over there. We also introduced Tofu version for vegetarians.

All our marinades are made with carefully chosen ingredients for creating authentic Japanese flavour.

We use free range chicken and organic tofu. All our products are gluten free.


What’s your favourite place in Catford?

Riverview Walk/River Pool. We are blessed to have this gem only 2 mins walk from Catford centre.

We go for a dip in the river 3 times a week in summer. We noticed fish are back this year.

What was the first movie you ever saw?

Dumbo or Bambi? Not sure which one, but definitely one of Disney Classics.

What’s your favourite food themed film? 

Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli.  This film is not all about food, but South East Asian food are shown throughout film and brilliantly illustrate its shops/stalls.

Who or what from your past most inspired your cuisine?

My family inspired my cuisine. My mother was a brilliant cook. However, I had to learn to prepare my food at an early age as she was out working. My whole family was extremely encouraging for me to learn new recipes. They made me be bolder in experimenting with new flavours.

Who has been your biggest supporter with your venture? 

My family, especially my husband. Without his support, I won’t even be able to operate any of my business. And my friends. They are always there to help me out.

Which item on your menu do you recommend?

All of them! They are awesome!


What has been the hardest thing with running your business?

Being a mother and running a business is super hard.


What has been the most rewarding?

When customers came back to say how much they enjoyed my Kara-agés.

What does Catford Mews mean to you?

Very exciting new home.


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