Daun’s Deli – Scandi inspired Vegan Deli

Tell us about your food and how you got into becoming a food vendor.

I started a year ago trading at Catford Food Market and had the idea to do a Vegan version of the classic Scandinavian open cold sandwiches. The goal has always been to open up my own place where I could also do daily hot food, brunch and evening snacks.

What’s your favourite place in Catford?

Bottle Bar and Shop which opened about the same time as I moved here. Not just a place with a great selection of drinks but with a friendly and personalized service. Then of course one of the places I enjoy the most is my garden.

What was the first movie you ever saw?

The first one I remember watching on cinema was “The Neverending Story” in 1984. I remember getting scared of the wolf and loving the man who ate stones.

What’s your favourite food themed film?

Tampopo, a Japanese movie from 1985 based at family-run noodle shop which is struggling to provide a good Ramen. A movie with a slice of everything, but mainly a love story between the Ramen expert truck driver “Cowboy” and the shop owner.

Who or what from your past most inspired your cuisine?

I think my childhood is inspiring me a lot, growing up in a home with four siblings and my mum being a childminder she was constantly cooking something. Bread, buns, jam, cordial or what was for dinner that day. We had a big garden and had fruit trees, many different berries, root vegetables and herbs. I learned to eat what was fresh and good for the season and how to take care of everything and make things from scratch.

Who has been your biggest supporter with your venture?

My wife.

Which item on your menu do you recommend?

Leading up until now I think it would be the Toast Skagen, a veganized version of a classic and long time entrée course in Sweden. But for what’s coming at the Catford Mews where I can serve my hot food dishes I think I will be proud to present my Spaghetti Bolognese with my homemade Cashew Parmesan on top.

What has been the hardest thing with running your business?

Well I have not made it easy for myself to start with, Scandinavian inspired food and mainly served cold and then also being 100% Plant Based. I also find it hard to work under weather related conditions, and will most likely not suffer as much from that when running my business from indoors.

What has been the most rewarding?

For sure meeting all the happy customers, I have some regulars at the market and who come to the pop up events at Bottle and I have also delivered some products to their homes. To see and hear great feedback is very rewarding.

What does Catford Mews mean to you?

For me it means the possibility to share my food with others and do what I wanted to do since I moved to London and the UK more than four years ago.


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