Bringing My Kibris kitchen to Catford Mews

Ahead of its opening on 5th June, our new food vendor Reb introduces her business and tells us about her connection to Catford Mews, and what we’ll find in her delicious menu. 

Hi Catford peeps, I’m the new vendor at the Mews, introducing Turkish Cypriot food to the scene.

My passion for food started at a very young age; holding hands with my nan, we would walk to Lewisham market and I remember the fruit and veg stalls so vibrant and exciting. We would then head back home with her trolley full of fresh produce to create magic in the kitchen. The cool thing is my grandad would supply fresh herbs and veg to a lady called Pat, a stall owner who is still there to this day.

My Nan is my inspiration for my Kibris kitchen and for me becoming the chef that I am today. My favourite food is my nan’s Turkish roast, which is chicken and potatoes cooked with onions and tomatoes all together making its own gravy juices (oh my god the taste of them roasted potatoes!). My journey with my Kibris kitchen started in 2017 as a pop up at Good Hope cafe in Hither Green; following that, I joined a great team of chefs at Oklava (Shoreditch) where I really got the chance to learn and grow.

The menu I’m bringing to Catford Mews is old school Turkish Cypriot tastes with my twist on it. From the menu I recommend trying the Cypriot style (kofte) meatball, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle with chips in a flat bread & also the Meze box, finished off with Turkish tea and freshly homemade pistachio baklava.

Catford Mews has always been my favourite place in Catford as it has a special place in my heart. My mum used run a greasy spoon cafe in the old Mews; how crazy that many years later I would be running my own kitchen in the same place. It is such a cool place, it has real community feel to it and everyone is made to feel welcome.

I love everything involved with food, including foodie films – my favourite one is an oldie called Dinner Rush.

Running a small business comes with many challenges, but the most rewarding thing about it is people enjoying your food.

My Kibris Kitchen opens on 5th June at Catford Mews. Come say hi and try the food!


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