Bears Dough – Not Just For Vegans!

Tell us about your food and how you got into becoming a food vendor:

After having a premature child and going through my own weight loss journey, I changed much of my diet and began creating alternative options for my favourite treats. Additionally, after teaching for 3 years, I decided to leave my job to pursue my dream of becoming a woman in business. Knowing only that I had to follow my soul, yet with minimal ideas, I had an accidental, yet successful first run of making vegan doughnuts (and about 1000 fails shortly after that lol). It was shortly after, I decided to put in the work, self teach and pursue this path.

And so Bears Dough was born! Bears Dough has inspired me to provide a product which respects the element of choice and one which the majority can enjoy!

What’s your favourite place in Catford?

Catford Food Market

What was the first movie you ever saw?

I literally can not remember, probably something Disney!

What’s your favourite food themed film?

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Who or what from your past most inspired your cuisine?

I’d probably say someone like Heston

Who has been your biggest supporter with your venture?

My son Nash for sure! Outside of him, I really am grateful for the supportive and honest people around me

Which item on your menu do you recommend?

Latte Buttercream & Biscoff Doughnut, or the Mango one

What has been the hardest thing with running your business?

Doing it alone and getting a million knock backs

What has been the most rewarding?

So far, giving doughnuts to those who had never had one before and getting this unit.

What does Catford Mews mean to you?

It is a great indication of progression and moving with the times. It’s exciting to be a part of it all ?



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